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White Beaches The Caribbean at Home

White Beaches Vada Village Rosignao Solvay
  • Thirty minutes by car from San Vincenzo heading north 

  • Let's deal with Rosignano Solvay, inextricably linked to the famous carbonate and bicarbonate of soda factory, which since the early twentieth century has dumped processing residues with destination the beaches between Rosignano Solvay and Vada.

    White Beaches

  • This is where our home Caribbean was formed, not sand but soda. An invigorating bicarbonate salt bath doesn't hurt anyone, it would seem that soaking and gargling several times a day is a therapy against sore throats, instead rinsing the dental part frequently would work as a whitening treatment.

  • Perhaps along with your scuba gear bring a brush; you will need it to get the old skin tags off your body. Spirits aside that circulate everywhere about the area, those who have never visited on a summer day this place will not be able to believe how white the sand and crystal clear sea is, just think that numerous commercials with heavenly backgrounds are filmed here and presented unbeknownst to us as tropical. So to conclude, about four kilometers of fantastic illusion from Rosignano to Vada.