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A green flag flies on the shell beach

This is an award established in 2008 to the best beaches for child-friendly stay, or in an Anglo-Saxon word family friendly. Drawing up this particular ranking are pediatricians at the initiative of a leading medical journal.

Although the recipe for winning the green flag is quite basic in its requirements, it is not so easy to obtain it. In fact, beach resorts must simultaneously meet certain requirements such as; crystal clear water, wide spaces, cleanliness of the beach, surveillance services and services dedicated to children and families, games and of course shallow water near the shore.

However, compared to the blue flag, which obviously helps in no small way in obtaining the green banner as well, there are no spontaneous applications to be proposed. Before the start of the summer season, a special ceremony is organized in which the best Italian beaches for children are announced. This coveted title is arrived at after a series of national and international medical congresses, the result of which is also published in multilingual scientific journals.
St. Vincent blue flag and green flag

Photo san vincenzi beach
Green flag imagine