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Discover San Carlo, Romitorio and Calvi Mountain

San Carlo is a small hillside village nestled in the countryside at the foot of Mount Calvi

Located just five kilometers from the seaside resort of San Vincenzo, The Etruscan Coast hamlet is known for its limestone mining activities by Solvay.

Climbing the rugged limestone heights of Monte Romitorio we can enjoy incomparable views of the Etruscan Coast and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Mount Calvi with its 646 mslm we can call it the roof of the Val di Cornia but also the natural terrace on the Tuscan Archipelago.

Around the Mount are numerous loop trails branching off to Campiglia Marittima, Sassetta, Venturina, Suvereto and vice versa.

These are well-known routes among hiking enthusiasts. From the summit there is an extraordinary panorama of the Archipelago and Corsica.

San Carlo village Panorama from San Carlo village