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Excursion to Gorgona Island

Gorgona Island panorama Gorgona Island panorama Gorgona Island Harbor Gorgona Island beaches

  • The most exclusive and protected island in the Tuscan Archipelago

    The island of Gorgona is home to a farm and, of course, the famous prison. It is the last island-prison in Italy located opposite the coast of Livorno, about 36 km away.

  • The whole territory is protected and divided into zones of different levels. With the exception of the docking corridor - managed by the management of the prison house - visits are restricted and subject to accompaniment with a licensed guide. For this reason they are scheduled well in advance and are subject to certain restrictions.

  • Gorgona's coastline is characterized by numerous inlets, including the beautiful Cala Scirocco, where the Sea Ox Cave, once a refuge for monk seals, Cala Maestra and Cala Martina, opens up. On the island are the fortifications of Torre Vecchia and that of Torre Nuova, located along the island's east coast.

    Fun fact: About 70 inmates work in the gardens and vineyard, tending animals and producing wine, cheese and honey. Even today about sixty residents still live in the ancient village, which crowns the small port, however, only a few permanently. Visits are regulated and restricted to a limited number, hence the need for reservations well in advance
  • Our trek will begin with a brief visit to the remains of a Roman Villa and the island's commissary run by officers and inmates.

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