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  • Blue flag flies on Conchiglia beach

  • The Conchiglia beach where Villa Ari is located was awarded the blue flag again this year. These are the beaches of San Vincenzo that have seen the coveted banner confirmed; Rimigliano from North to South, Spiaggia della Principessa, Conchiglia Fosso delle Rozze.

  • This is what was established by the FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education, which after carrying out the ritual analysis of the parameters not only of the bathing water and cleanliness of the beaches but also of the services offered decided to reconfirm the excellence of the beaches around the municipal territory.

  • What is the "Blue Flag"

  • Established in 1987, the European Year of the Environment the Blue Flag campaign is awarded annually in 49 countries. It is taken care of in all European states by the local bodies of the FEE which, through a National Committee, carry out scrupulous inspections of the candidate seaside resorts and then propose nominations to the International FEE with the support of two UN agencies such as Unep (United Nations Environment Program) and Unwto (World Tourism Organization). the FEE is recognized by Unesco as a leader in environmental education and education for sustainable development. The blue flag is awarded only to seaside resorts that meet criteria related to sustainable land management.

  • St. Vincent blue flag and green flag

Blue flag imagine