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Visit Rimigliano Park

  • A Coastal Park equipped with public services extending from San Vincenzo South to the ancient Tower of Campiglia toward the Gulf of Baratti to the border of the municipality of Piombino.

  • There are ten pedestrian accesses along the Via Principessa with well-marked persourses. The coastal side of the park encompasses an area of 120 hectares for a length of six kilometers. A forest of maritime pines, holm oaks, oaks, Mediterranean scrub and a dune system shaped by sea winds offers some breathtaking views and, on the horizon, the striking profile of the Tuscan Archipelago.

  • What characterizes the coastal area is its dune system, created over time by the gradual accumulation of fine sand shaped by winds from the sea. The dunes most facing the sea are unstable and variable in shape and size having to submit to the force of the winds. Vegetation includes Stinging Sparto, Sea Lily, Helichrysum, Poppy and Sea Chamomile.
    The rearmost dunes differ in both their greater stability and vegetation. They are covered with Mediterranean Scrub, Maritime Pines, Lentisk, Juniper, Cyst and Myrtle.

    The beach is free and naturally blue flag. Within the pine forest are numerous picnic areas, toilets, showers and a pizza bar. In the park we also find a fitness trail and the Dog beach, family friends welcome. All forms of free camping are prohibited.
    A small fee is required to maintain this beautiful park through car parking. The coastal side parking lots are pay parking delineated by blue stripes and bollards, those on the upstream side are free in some sections. However, it is possible to take advantage of a season ticket at a reduced cost by submitting a request to the municipality through a simple procedure

Panoramic aerial photo of Rimigliano beach Photo La Torraccia beach San Vincenzo